Changes the Way You Order Food Online is redefining the way you order food.  The newly created online hub is the first of its kind, enabling customers to pre-order from restaurants, food trucks and street carts in one place.

So where did the idea of come from?

“I got the idea while studying for the LSATS.  I would be waiting on line for food trucks and it would be 20 to 30 minutes long,” said Deepti Sharma Kapur, founder and CEO.  “I thought it was pretty ridiculous and there would be a better way to access food trucks.  The idea of came about from that.  How to make food trucks more accessible.”

And making food trucks more accessible is turning into a booming business.  But as appetizing as the idea is, it did not become profitable overnight.

“Initially I started the business by taking a trip out to India where I was trying to look up a tech team.  I didn’t have any funding at the time so it was all what I had saved,” said Kapur.  “Once I found a tech team that understood my idea and my business, I started raising money.  I raised a half a million dollars from friends and family.”

Half a million dollars was enough to get started, and since its launch in February of last year, the company has grown exponentially, adding more than 700 partners in just 13 months. In 2012, the company brought in $300,000 in revenue.

And there are no signs of slowing down.  The small company is already looking to expand beyond the Big Apple.

“We’re looking to grow as much as possible,” said Kapur.  “We’re looking to grow in Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin.”

But aside from saving customers time, is committed to cutting costs incurred by restaurants, food trucks and street carts, charging only the bare minimum for its services while teaching vendors how to use technology to boost business.

“There are no upfront costs to joining,” said Kapur.  “If companies receive an order through our site, they pay us.  If not, they don’t.  And we only charge 10 cents per order so it’s not a big cut into vendor profit margins.” is already rocking New York’s restaurant industry in just 13 months, and with plans to expand across the country, other sites should be aware a fierce competitor is on their heels.