Fmr. Trump Adviser: It is Unfair to Bastardize His Proposal

During an interview on the FOX Business Network, former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone defended the 2016 GOP candidate’s comments on Muslim immigration.

“Trump is completely in sync with voters,” Stone said. “I think it is unfair to bastardize his proposal. He proposes a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until our representatives can get their hands around how to vet and screen all these people who would come to the United States.”

Stone said the possibility of Trump running as a third-party candidate would be up to the GOP.

“It’s totally up to the Republican Party... He has the name ID, he certainly has the money, he has the infrastructure… and you know what would happen? The Republican party would run third in that election.” He added: “If they [the GOP] cheat him, if they try to cook the rules like they did to Dr. Ron Paul three, four years ago, then it’s certainly an option he should consider.”

However, Stone said Trump needs to make his plan clear to voters.

“He has to make people understand exactly what it was he proposed,” he said. “[It] is not an all-out, forever ban against Muslim immigration, but a temporary freeze until we can figure out who these hundred-thousand Syrian refugees who want to come into our country are, and determine if any of them are terrorists or have a criminal record.”