Fmr. Prosecutor Suing Obama, Sharpton for Fueling Race War

A former federal prosecutor is suing President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, civil rights activist Al Sharpton and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, for inciting a race war that led to the Dallas police shootings.

Larry Klayman, who founded government watchdog groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, recently filed the class-action lawsuit, seeking damages of more than $2 billion dollars.

“That amount of damage is for everybody who's been harmed here,” Klayman told the FOX Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton. “It’s law enforcement across the board—whether it’s black, white or whatever color, race or creed—police have been trashed, law enforcement trashed… it’s a severe crisis. This President would like to think that he’s king, but he’s no Martin Luther King. In fact, he’s closer to Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton in terms of the way he does things.”

He added: “[The lawsuit] is about racial equality, it’s not about prejudice. Meaning everybody should be treated equally.”

Klayman said the most egregious example is President Obama not representing all of the American people.

“He only has a problem if there’s crime against blacks or crime is against Muslims or black Muslims for that matter,” Klayman said. “But he doesn’t represent the rest of the country and the people are beginning to see that.”