Fmr. Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz: College Teams That May 'Shock' this Fall

Legendary former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz weighed in on the upcoming college football season.

“Right now Maria everybody thinks they’re going to be great, everybody’s optimistic,” Holtz told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Holtz then gave his predictions for which college teams may surprise with a standout season and the perennial favorites that could be back at the top of the rankings again.

“The teams that I think might shock you, Nebraska, Tennessee and Notre Dame, along with the perennial teams such as Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, etcetera.”

Holtz then offered his  advice for winning at football: “Protect the football, that football is so important Maria. Do you realize they named a game after it?  So if you have it, protect it, don’t put it on the ground.”