Fmr. Navy SEAL defends national anthem in NRA ad

Following weekend protests, the NRA released a new ad featuring a Navy SEAL defending the national anthem.

“For the land of the free and the home of the brave, from high school gyms to towering stadiums, every time I see our flag wave, I feel a humbling reminder of the brave who keep — and have kept — us free. I stand to honor the sacrifices of the generations before me — heroes who charged into battle through bombs and bullets, who lost their brothers and still pushed through — fighting for every inch of our freedom,” former U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso said in the ad.

Raso told FOX Business on Tuesday, the ad was aimed at the NFL, and in his opinion, Americans are very angry.

“At the end of the day we need to be talking about honor first,” Raso told Stuart Varney on Varney & Co. “It’s about putting America first. You know it can be any organization and I think we are going to see the same things. We are bringing up an issue where people are p-----d off. People are p-----d off about [the] reaction and the actions that our people are taking, and we have to remember the foundation that this has all been built on.”

Raso said he is disappointed with leadership regarding the protests.

“Everybody is looking at this right now and everybody’s paying attention and we have to have good leadership,” he said. “Everything I said in my video, the brothers that I’ve lost, the families that have sacrificed so much—it’s timing. I’m not saying there’s not important issues we need to talk about but it’s the timing that you pick to bring it up—don’t bring it up when we are talking about putting America first—honor first—look at the foundation that we’re built on.”