Fmr. McDonald’s CEO Rensi: Americans ‘fed up’ with ‘greedy’ politicians

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We have a cancer within this country called the federal deficit: Ed Rensi

Former McDonald's USA CEO Ed Rensi on Republican efforts to achieve tax reform.

Americans are unconvinced that President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan will do the nation any good according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

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The survey revealed 25% believed the tax plan is a good idea, while 35% called it a bad idea. The remaining 40% had no opinion.

Former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi told FOX Business Americans are “fed up.”

“I think the American people are tuning out anything anybody says at the federal level and most state levels. The arguments back and forth are childish. Our politicians, they say ‘how are we going to pay for this?’ Well hell, they haven’t worried about paying for anything for the last 20 years. The deficit is out of control. It’s a bunch of noise,” Rensi told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

In Rensi’s opinion, politicians are too concerned about getting re-elected.

“They do not represent the people—Democrats or Republicans. They represent themselves, they are greedy and all they want to do is get re-elected and have their cushy life,” Rensi said.

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Politicians should “get themselves in gear” and make an effort to boost the middle class and create jobs, he added.

“We have a cancer within this country called the federal deficit and federal spending. It is out of control,” Rensi said. “I listened to [Sen. Chuck] Schumer stand at the podium, push his glasses down on his nose. He’s so sanctimonious. He talks down to everybody. The American people are fed up with it. They are checking out.”

Rensi also called out Republicans.

“The Republicans are a bunch of cowards because they are afraid they are not going to get re-elected if they don’t do the right and proper thing. They have been complaining for eight years that they just needed the House, the Senate, the presidency [and] they’d fix all these problems. They are lazy they need to go to work,” he said.

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