Fmr. Calif. State Treasurer Angelides: Trump is Boosting Voter Registration

Since Donald Trump announced his intention to enter the presidential race in June of 2015, reports have indicated voter registration has grown.

The state of California is no exception to this trend, according to former Democratic state treasurer from the Golden State, Phil Angelides.

“In California, partly in reaction to Trump and partly because of the excitement of our primary, 850,000 new registrations in the first few months of this year; double 2012. I think we’re seeing a 2008 model, where Hillary Clinton will be our nominee.”

Angelides also commented on the U.S. economy, saying he believes it is in “recovery,” and that the topic is one of the more important issues to voters.

“I think what most people are going to want is a steady hand,” he said. “Donald Trump makes a big thing about unpredictability… but people want someone with a steady hand at the helm of the national economy. When you have polls showing that one out of four Republicans are scared—that’s the word of Donald Trump—or half the voters are scared, that’s not a good formula.”