Floyd Mayweather will knock UFC's Conor McGregor out, boxing promoter Bob Arum says

Hall of fame boxing promoter Bob Arum is predicting that Floyd Mayweather will knock out UFC star Conor McGregor when they square off in Las Vegas on August 26th.

“Mayweather is a defensive fighter who doesn’t throw a lot of punches, he just defends himself, he’s an extremely great athlete, but I think Mayweather is going to show his [superiority] and he’s going to knock McGregor out,” Arum said during an appearance on FOX Business.

Arum promoted the fight named the “mixed martial arts championship of the world” in 1976, where boxing champion Muhammad Ali and wrestling great Antonio Inoki, went fifteen rounds. In Arum’s opinion, “it was a disaster.”

“There were no rules—Inoki would flop on his behind as soon as the bell rang,” he said adding that Ali agreed to the fight “for the money.”

Despite this, he could not say whether it’s comparable to Mayweather versus McGregor.

“I don’t really like to talk badly about somebody else’s fight, but I can talk about my fight. Ali and Inoki, it was a disgrace,” he said.

Arum also discussed Manny Pacquiao’s stunning loss to Australia’s Jeff Horn, which was broadcast live on ESPN Saturday evening. He said “the best is yet to come.”

“Boxing has been shown virtually completely in the United States on premium television whether it’s HBO or Showtime—and that by its very nature gives boxing a very limited audience. Now with ESPN coming on board boxing will be shown to the public on a basis that everybody can see it. There will be appropriate build up for the event. There will be talk about it on Sportscenter after the event—it will be packaged by ESPN the way they package SEC football,” he said.

When asked about a rematch, Arum said: “That’s going to be up to Manny. Manny has a lot of duties as a senator in the Philippines. He has to train while he goes to senate sessions. Unlike some of our senators, he has never missed a session of the Philippine Senate… If he can balance his senatorial duties with preparing for a boxing match, sure there’ll be a rematch.”