Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Why He’s Endorsing Trump

One day after Donald Trump’s victory in Florida, the state’s Governor Rick Scott has decided to endorse the GOP frontrunner. He explained why he is backing the candidate on the FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

“We have to win in November,” Scott said. “If we want a president that’s going to focus on jobs, defending the Second Amendment, having somebody on the Supreme Court that believes in the Constitution, and rebuild the military, then we’ve got to start focusing on winning in November. The only way to do that is get behind Donald Trump today.”

Scott, like Trump, is a businessman-turned-politician and is currently serving his second term in office.

The “Sunshine State’s” governor is looking forward to seeing Trump win the White House, as he doesn’t believe the current Administration has been of much help since he assumed the governorship in 2011.

“I need a partner in D.C. that cares about jobs,” Scott said. “Barack Obama has not helped me build jobs in this country since I’ve been the governor for five years. He’s never been a help to me. I need somebody that’s going to defend the Second Amendment. I need somebody that’s going to focus on the right things.”

Scott said he doesn’t think it will be easy to win if Trump isn’t the GOP’s nominee.

“My belief is if he’s [Trump] close to the 50% and he doesn’t get the nomination, we’ll have a very difficult time winning in November. That’s why I believe we ought to coalesce behind him now.”