Flashy Plastic: 5 Celebrity Prepaid and Credit Cards

The demise of the controversial Kardashian Kard doesn’t mean celebrity-endorsed prepaid and credit cards are gone.

The Kardashian Kard made its debut on Nov. 6 and was gone by Nov. 29. Media uproar over the fees charged for the prepaid MasterCard had the celebrity sisters fleeing the deal to preserve their image. Now the Kardashians are embroiled in a breach of contract lawsuit, which will mean this bitter breakup between stars and plastic will be fodder for tabloids for a while.

If a celebrity name still attracts you to a prepaid or credit card, though, there are still a few around. Here’s a sample of the star-studded cards you can get.

MyPlash prepaid cards

MyPlash prepaid cards follow the teen celebrity trends with cards featuring The Twilight Saga: Eclipse stars, hard rock band 12 Stones, metal band Atreyu, rappers Brisco and Flo Rida, and turntablist DJ Lethal. Unlike the controversial Kardashian Kard, MyPlash cards have no activation or purchase fees, no text or email alert fees. There is a monthly membership fee of $4.95, and fees charged are for reloading online or at a retail outlet ($4.95, but free if using direct deposit or ACH) and for an ATM transaction ($1.50, although there are some ways cardholders can get one free ATM use).

The RushCard Prepaid Visa

The RushCard, a prepaid Visa, was introduced by hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons in 2003. The RushCard has purchase fees that vary depending on the monthly plan you choose, and there are fees for many actions: monthly fee ($9.95 or $0 for pay as you go), ATM fee after two withdrawals in a month ($2.50), balance inquiry fee ($.50). There are no fees to add money to the card, however.

Disney Rewards Visa

Chase issues the Disney Rewards Visa card. There’s no annual fee and the card offers discounts on Disney merchandise and tours. Cardholders are also eligible for special Disneyland Resort Character Meet ‘N’ Greet opportunity at theme parks.

Elvis Presley Visa Platinum Rewards

The Elvis Presley Visa Platinum Rewards card, issued by CardPartner from UMB, has no annual fee, low introductory APR and offers bonus points for certain purchases. The website says, “A majority of the new card proceeds will benefit the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.”

Hello Kitty Platinum Plus Visa

The Hello Kitty Platinum Plus Visa issued by Bank of America has no annual fee and offers one point for every $1 spent in retail purchases. Bank of America also offers Hello Kitty eBanking and savings accounts. That might be worth purring about.

By Ellen Cannon

Original Article: Flashy Plastic: 5 Celebrity Prepaid and Credit Cards