Five Apps to Keep You Healthy During The Holidays

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Your bank account isn't the only thing that suffers this time of year. So does your health. Whether the holiday parties cause overeating or the shopping boils the blood, countless people pack on the pounds or get sick and stressed out during the holiday weeks. Going dark from Thanksgiving to the New Year is one way to prevent it from happening but downloading a cheap app may be a better option.

From apps that count your calories to ones that help you deal with stress there's a host of ways to survive the holiday season thanks to your mobile device.

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1. Calorie counting apps

Packing on the pounds is all too common this time of year. But it's not the one or two additional pounds that’s the problem, it's the cumulative effect year after year that leads many people to obesity. Tracking your calories can stop that cycle and that's where calorie counting apps come in. Ranging from the free to the inexpensive, these apps let you know how many calories are in your egg nog and a slew of other things. Some of the popular ones boast databases with the calories for millions of items.

2. Light cooking recipe apps

This time of year there’s a greater chance you are going to be required to bake a cake or make a dish for a pot luck party or office event. Since your goal is to remain healthy you'll want to embrace light cooking. Thankfully there are a slew of cook book apps you can download for every taste buds. But these recipe databases don't come entirely free. The apps range from 99 cents to $3.99 and more but give you access to hundreds of recipes to create low-fat meals and desserts.

3. Stress check/ relief apps

Stress levels are usually heightened this time of year as people rush around trying to get everything done. Add forced family time to the mix and it's not surprising so many people are stressed out and feeling down. While there isn't a magic cure, there are apps that can help you manage it. Some of the apps will check your stress level using the same technology used to measure your heart rate while other apps will give you stress reducing activities to bring you down.  Meditation and take a break apps are also great stress busters.

4. Alcohol consumption apps

Alcohol is blamed for bad behavior year round but particularly during the holidays. Whether it's letting a little too loose during the office party or ringing in the New Year well into 2015, many people do embarrassing and potentially harmful things when under the influence of alcohol. Shunning the cocktails this holiday season is an extreme way to go but a better option may be monitoring your consumption during the festivities. Apps can do that for you by translating beverages into standard units of alcohol and letting you know when you’ve reached your limit based on moderate drinking guidelines. Some also tally how much money you spent on your cocktails.

5. Exercise and workout apps

Forget waiting until the New Year to start exercising. Doing it now will ensure you don't pack on the pounds. Not to mention it’s a proven stress reducer and a natural way to fight depression. While many people think the only way to get a workout is to the hit the gym there are all sorts of apps to get you in shape. There’s live classes, recorded videos and personal trainers, all accessible from your device.

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