Fisker patents car battery with 500-mile range on a minute’s charge

Car designer Henrik Fisker’s new company, Fisker Inc., recently filed to patent a car battery – which is currently in development – that has a range of 500 miles and can be charged in one minute.

Fisker told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney that he could see the new battery technology in cars in “about probably four to five years,” but the technology could make it to consumers’ digital devices even sooner.

“Let’s say an iPhone or a Samsung phone, we expect it to only be a few years away,” he said on “Varney & Co.”

According to Fisker, the battery is safer than what’s currently on the market as well.

“It’s a brand new battery and is actually called flexible solid state battery technology and that means that you don’t have any liquid in the batteries, so there’s no liquid electrolyte, which means it’s non-flammable.”

The new battery technology, Fisker says, could lead to drop in electric car prices as well.

“Well, the battery technology is about a third of the price and the reason is we don’t use as much cobalt which is very expensive. So, that means actually that electric cars ultimately will be slightly cheaper than comparable gasoline cars.”

Fisker’s original company, Fisker Automotive, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2013 and was eventually bought by Chinese parts supplier Wanxiang Group in 2014, before being turned into Karma Automotive.