Fiscal Cliff Woes Drown Out Holiday Cheer

This week the nation celebrated the holidays and worried about the fiscal cliff.

@ValaAfsharThere are no straight lines... and that is a good thing... the most interesting stuff is always around the bend.

@HykenIn business, a problem is an opportunity.


79% of Americans think prescription drug instructions are easier to understand than materials from financial firms

@maryamolloyEvery sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.

@FirasNGSales training only makes you a clone amongst other textbook sales clones. Find your own style. Bring your personality forward.

@Marcio_Saito Use analysis to detect patterns, not to predict individual behavior. Predictive can be as bad as prejudice.

@DanVForbesOne ALWAYS knows when they are acting with Integrity. Just look in the mirror.

@LeadershipfreakIf you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, get involved with others.

@data_nerdSocial Media is NOT a quick fix, it takes time to curate relevant articles, measure & realize #ROI - plants a SEED not an immediate response

@ammrBe on your best behavior. Everything you do gets recorded - sometimes permanently.

@_robin_sharmaTriple the size of your goals right now because on December 31, 2013 you'll wish you did.


Just talked everyone in the house out of exercising & going to the movies instead. There is no telling the amount of people I can't inspire!


"Social media maven" has become the default description for "I don't know what to call this person but he/she sure uses the Internet a lot."


In #sales, it's not who you know. In sales, it's who knows you.‏@ReformedBroker

Today on a very special @cnbcfastmoney halftime - talking to your teens about dividend abuse. Tune in at 12!@WillieGeist

Is there any food or drink that enjoys a shorter run every year than egg nog? Goes all out for 24 hours, then chills for 364 days.@FelicityMorse

The tortured metaphors I've seen bandied around in fiscal cliff headlines are enough to send me over the edge


I'm just waiting for Harry Reid to enter the chamber to a House of Pain song in his old boxing gear and force a deal through.@ezraklein

Fiscal cliff talks have literally devolved to "No, you go first." "No, YOU go first." "No, YOU GO FIRST!"@DispatchSully

I will tell you this: If milk does go over a cliff I am buying a bunch of cows and Oreos.Eli Roth: Merry Christmas to all my non-Jewish friends. To all my Jewish friends, see you at the movies or Chinese restaurant after.@KyleClark

NORAD reporting Santa is making record time after dropping a ton of coal over Washington.‏@MrWordsWorth

I got what I wanted for Christmas: LinkedIn endorsements!!!

@iannarino Egotiation: finding a way to negotiate with someone's giant or fragile ego.

@chrisbrogan Very happy Boxing Day to you all! Or, in the US, happy Returns and Batteries day!

@dannysullivan New Girl marathon. It's a Christmas miracle :)

‏@Ruth_A_Buzzi This is the day after Christmas, when you're most likely to get into a fist fight at a J.C. Penney Store. That's why we call it Boxing Day.‏@TheNardvark Alright gravy boats, time’s up. Back into the weird cupboard until Thanksgiving.

@Shama Digital Bedouinism: Loyalty to brands, products, and content changes based on context and relevancy. (more to come soon.)

@JensenClan88 I just spent 30 mins on the phone helping my mom connect a DVD player to her TV, so don’t tell me about how the Fiscal Cliff can’t be solved@nickbilton People on laptops in coffee shops: In LA they write screenplays. In SF they write code. In NY, they write about other people.‏@DaveKerpen It’s important to think of every customer as an online celebrity with followers, friends, & above all, influence.

@michaelianblack Look, I don't know if we're going over the fiscal cliff or not, but if we do, I'm glad I'll be doing it with you guys.@jowyang Expect an app to emerge that cross references that gun map with your FB friends and LinkedIn contacts by next week.

@AmberCadabra Always flattered to be carded, but what underage lush buys a reserve Cabernet?

@pattonoswalt I wish Waylon Jennings were alive to narrate these last 4 days of fiscal cliff negotiations.