Fiorina: I Can Beat Hillary Clinton

When it comes to the polls and the Republican presidency, Carly Fiorina says she’s winning votes.

“When I launched my campaign in May I was 17 out of 16. The pollsters didn’t even ask my name. And the reason they didn’t ask my name is less than three percent of voters hadn’t heard of me. I have exceeded expectations all the way along and right now I’m tied with people who have been in politics a long time, have big family names and have spent tens of millions of dollars on television. I’m doing just fine,” she said during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

She weighed in on “outsiders” like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump’s popularity.

“[Ted Cruz] is a professional politician; he’s been running for office all his professional life. He cast himself as an outsider but he’s definitely not. Donald Trump is sort of the Kim Kardashian of politics. He’s famous for being famous and the media plays right along. The polls are not predictive at this point, they never have been.” she said.

She also explained why women are angry voters.

“Women are angry, women are 53% of the vote, let’s not forget that as we face Hillary Clinton. They are angry because they feel powerless in their lives. They are angry because more of them are living in poverty than ever before. They are angry because their children don’t even know what the American dream is. They are angry because their health costs are going up. And they are particularly angry because they feel as though sometimes they are neither listened to nor valued. I think we need to remember that as we go into the election.”

When asked whether she would accept the vice presidential candidacy anytime in the future she said: “Would you ask any one of the male candidates that question...? I’m not running to be vice president and I’m not running to be a cabinet officer… I am running for the presidency because I think I am by far the most qualified candidate to win this job and we do have to beat Hillary Clinton.”

She also expects to participate in the FOX Business Network’s Republican presidential primary debate in South Carolina on January 14, 2016.

“I’ll be in South Carolina and I’ll debate anyone, anytime, anywhere -- and everyone wants to see the debate between me and Hillary Clinton,” she said.