Financial tips when nearing retirement


The finish line is right there. Your golden years of retirement are so close you can taste them. But are you ready?

You should have already been well on your way to your retirement savings goal by now. Max out your 401(k) and look for growth and opportunity wherever you can find it.

Cut back on your investing risk. Keep some money in stocks, but also look towards fixed income or bonds, and income-producing vehicles like dividend-paying stocks.

As a mature saver, it may be time to think about moving to an account with a higher interest rate.

Once you've kissed the working world goodbye, those years of saving for retirement start to pay off. These days, it's not uncommon to spend 20 years in retirement, so your biggest concerns are outlasting your money and protecting your savings from inflation.

Don't get too conservative; you need your money to grow at a higher rate than inflation to give your retirement money purchasing power.

Remember, retirees face their own challenges in financing unique wants and needs without running out of money. It's important to plan now for retirement, no matter what your current stage in life is.

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