Farage on Hillary Clinton attack: Her book should be renamed 'The Great Whinge'

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Farage: Hillary Clinton's book should be renamed ‘The Great Whinge’

Nigel Farage, FOX News Contributor, on Hillary Clinton's comments in The Sunday Times and the latest on Catalonia.

Hillary Clinton slammed British politician Nigel Farage during an interview with The Sunday Times while promoting her new book.

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“He [Farage] came to the U.S. to campaign for Trump and spent half of his remarks insulting me in a very personal way and talking about Trump as the alpha male, the silver-backed gorilla… Think of those images and what that says about what’s acceptable and what’s not,” she told the London newspaper.

Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, responded to the comments on FOX Business saying Hillary Clinton should rename her book “The Great Whinge.”

“The idea that I spent much of my speech in Mississippi on Hillary Clinton is ludicrous,” he said. “I simply said if I was an American citizen I wouldn’t vote for her if you paid me.”

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Hillary Clinton’s book “What Happened” is her explanation of why she lost to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, but in Farage’s opinion, her “sense of entitlement” was unappealing.

“She was arrogant, out of touch, she didn’t go out and meet voters and citizens and yet somehow it’s all everybody else’s fault including mine,” he said.

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