Ex-NRA Chief Says Hillary's 'Courting Real Danger'

Hillary Clinton thinks gunmakers should be held accountable for shootings in America but Former NRA President David Keene says she doesn’t understand the liability concept.

“Mrs. Clinton always gets it wrong,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Keene argued creating a defective product is a reason to hold gunnmakers legally responsible for causing harm.

“If it’s a legal product, a firearm is, and it’s produced meeting quality standards and someone misuses it that’s very different and Mrs. Clinton doesn’t seem to be able to grasp that difference,” he said.

While it would take a “significant majority of both houses” for Hillary Clinton to accomplish her goals, Keene said she is “courting real danger with this kind of effort.”

“She’s setting herself up for a very tough race in the fall because there are a lot of millions upon millions of Americans, not all Republicans, not all Conservatives, many Independents, many Democrats who take the Second Amendment seriously and take candidates who seriously threaten their rights under the Second Amendment as somebody that should not be elected to public office.”

He also said women are among the biggest segment when it comes to the NRA’s skyrocketing membership.