Ex-'Apprentice' Contestant Kwame Jackson: Trump Has a 'Racial Blind Spot'

Former ‘Apprentice’ contestant Kwame Jackson is denouncing Donald Trump. He told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, he thinks Donald Trump is a racist.

“There’s a preponderance of comments. Whether it’s what he said about Mexicans being rapists. What he said about the Black Lives Matter movement… He talked about the Black Lives Matter movement being something that should be ostracized, we should not be paying attention to it, that Bernie Sanders should not have let them take the mic,” he said.

The season one runner-up also discussed how racism has changed and become “much more subtle” and how Trump has a “huge racial blind spot.”

“He doesn’t have a lot of folks around him of color in executive management roles on his campaign, and I don’t think he has the perspective of a lot of minority concerns. He talks about the blacks and the Hispanics and how he’s going to take care of them -- what if they want to take care of themselves?”

While Hillary Clinton has also targeted the black and Hispanic communities, Jackson doesn’t think her efforts are racist.