European Central Bank Loses Top Spokesperson to Deutsche Bank

The European Central Bank’s long-time spokesperson, Regina Schueller, will leave to head up the communications division of Germany’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB).

Schueller joined the ECB in 1994 and has headed up the press and information division since 1999. She has served in the press office through three ECB presidents, Mario Draghi, as well as his predecessors Jean-Claude Trichet and the late Wim Duisenberg.

The move marks the second major press official to leave the central bank to take a dip in the private world in 2013. Earlier, Director of Communications Elisabeth Ardaillon-Poirer departed to join the PR firm Publicis Groupe.

A job post seeking a new head of the press division at the ECB has been posted, calling for someone who will manage both internal and external communications, while handling language services and organizing all VIP visits.

The position change comes at a time of great difficulty for the region, which faces unprecedented challenges including tackling a major debt crisis that has been ongoing for four years. The ECB is set to become the single banking supervisor for the European Union next year, which will require an Asset Quality Review for the banks under its oversight, including Deutsche Bank.

Shares of Deutsche Bank didn't immediately react to the news, trading about half a percentage point lower to $45.36 in recent trade.