Etch A Sketch man says he has built the ‘American dream’ off of the 1960’s toy

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Time Square holds national Etch A Sketch day event

The Etch A Sketch Man, Christoph Brown on how he creates graphite masterpieces.

“The Etch Man” and Etch U Productions owner Christoph Brown tells FOX Business’ Kennedy that he was able to build a massive career off of the popular 1960’s toy.

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“I developed a process of preservation. I invented it for the event industry and now I travel the country etch a sketching and spreading joy,” Brown said.

Brown, who is known as the World’s Fastest Etch A Sketch Artist, took the iconic toy and created a product that allows Etch A Sketch users to only have one shot at their drawing. The device will then permanently save it—so they can keep it forever.

“We actually drain out all the graphite inside mechanism so I only have one shot to draw on it,” he added.

Last year, Brown partnered with the Canadian toy company, Spin Master, who acquired Etch A Sketch from the Ohio Art Company, to participate in the National Etch A Sketch Day in New York City. The event will take place in Times Square Wednesday. Brown says Spin Master wants to take Etch A Sketch “into the modern age.”

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