Eric Trump Says His Dad Will Be Most Unifying President in the History of the Country

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, responded to Republican Governor Nikki Haley and President Obama’s State of the Union speeches.

“I think it [Haley’s speech] was a little benign. Quite frankly, I think, everybody needs to realize that if you don’t start talking about the issues, issues don’t get solved. He was the one that brought up illegal immigration and it’s kind of ironic that the President in the State of the Union last night was talking about border security.”

Although President Obama indirectly criticized Donald Trump’s views on banning Muslims from the U.S. in the State of the Union speech, Trump says it’s a “great compliment” and clarified his father’s vision.

“He says listen guys, let’s pump the breaks. How are we going to let hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into the country if we can’t vet them…? This isn’t an anti-Muslim thing, this is a we’ve got to make sure that the right people are coming into this country to keep this country safe. This is a national security issue.”

Trump also discussed his father’s unifying message.

“There will be no more unifying president in the history of this country than him…  He’s been talking about that for weeks with all the executive actions that have been taking place… When is the president actually going to take the common road that government has -- going to house, going to senate, actually having people vote -- a democracy. Isn’t that what America is all about? Instead, he’s signing executive orders… That’s not being a unifier -- that’s being a dictator.”