Eric Trump: My Father is 'Very Pleased' With Paul Ryan Meeting

Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, and House Speaker Paul Ryan met on Thursday in an attempt to settle their differences, stemming from Ryan’s decision to hold off on supporting the real estate mogul’s bid for president.

Trump’s son Eric told the FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs the two are heading in the right direction.

“He’s very pleased [with the results],” Trump said. "I think he had a great conversation, he told me, with Paul Ryan today and a lot of other people. In time, he’ll really get to know these people. They’ll really get to like him and what he’s done for the Republican Party is amazing.”

Trump added: “That initial move without the endorsement [from Paul Ryan] was a little shocking… It’s time for the Republican Party to grow. The Republican Party has been shrinking. Here’s somebody who is grabbing on to a massive movement of people and again, I just wish the party would get behind that. It would be the smart thing to do.”

Once an underdog in the race, Donald Trump currently has 1,134 delegates and is the only GOP candidate left in the race. Trump’s son revealed the secrets of his father’s success.

“[He’s] a person and not a robot,” he explained. “He talks from the heart and he doesn’t care and he doesn’t tip-toe around issues. Some issues may be controversial and some people might like and some they won’t like. He takes those issues head on and he’s really doing this for the American people. He doesn’t need it. He’s self-funding and that really resonates with a lot of people.”