Eric Trump: My Father Has More Energy than Anyone I’ve Met

Eric Trump, an Executive VP for the Trump Organization and son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, joined Mornings with Maria to discuss the first Democratic debate as well as his father’s presidential bid and strong work ethic.

Trump addressed concerns an increasingly busy campaign schedule could be a challenge for his father.  “He does not lose and quite frankly he’s a guy that has more energy than anybody I’ve ever met before, I call him the ‘energizer bunny,’ I mean he does not stop, I’ve literally never seen the man take a vacation.”

On Donald Trump potentially going up against Hillary Clinton in the general election Eric Trump says: “I think he would actually love to… I think there is a horrendous track record right there that I think he would pick apart.”

The younger Trump also addresses the qualities and experiences his father brings to politics from the business world.

“This is a guy who’s built an empire of amazing hotels and golf courses and real estate buildings and everything else, I mean everything the man ever touched, ‘The Apprentice’ right, turned to gold,” he said, “you’re entering a totally new realm but that’s what makes him refreshing.”

Trump also addressed his father’s lighter side, “one of the things that a lot of people don’t know about him is that he is an incredibly funny guy.”

Trump said he thought the Democratic debate “was a little bit slow, it certainly didn’t have the fire of the Republican debate, it certainly didn’t have the action, nor do I think they quite frankly came at any of the candidates the same way they came after the GOP candidates.”