Eric Trump: My Dad Will Go All The Way

Donald Trump’s son, Eric, says his dad is out to win in 2016. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, he reacted to his father’s vulgar comments toward Hillary Clinton.

“My father is a guy who speaks his mind, not a PC candidate… That’s why people love him... He’s not the typical politician… She [Hillary Clinton] does have a horrific track record,” he said.

Trump says his dad has made a “real difference” in the country.

“I think he’s done more for politics literally than anybody in a decade and maybe much… longer. The guy has literally taken my generation, a younger generation -- he’s gotten them interested… He’s got 30 million people watching the debates.” He added, “I actually told him he’s already won this. I think he’s going to win it. I think he’s going to win the nomination. I think he is going to go all the way.”

When asked whether his dad would choose Ted Cruz as a running mate he said: “He’s out to win this thing and I think he’ll chose the best running mate in the world and I think he’ll actually build a cabinet comprised of the best people in the world.”

He also discussed billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ call for a bipartisan panel to vet candidates for president.

“There is no better vetting process than being up on stage 24/7 with a microphone pointed at your face in front of 30,000 people day in and day out -- That is your vetting process and I have tremendous respect for any candidate who can get through that,” he said.