Equifax data breach: How to protect yourself from identity theft

The Equifax data breach has consumers taking action as more than 30 lawsuits have been reportedly filed in the United States against the agency.

The massive data breach exposed vital personal identification data, including social security numbers, names, addresses and dates of birth, of potentially 143 million people, that’s 44% of all Americans.

‘The Dave Ramsey Show’ host Dave Ramsey told FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell of Mornings with Maria that consumers should monitor their credit history at least once a year.

“Basically none of our identity is safe anymore, but this is the worse breach in history by far. Not only its 143 million, but on top of that, they got everything,” he said.

Ramsey Solutions financial expert Chris Hogan advises consumers to contact all three credit depository agencies to ensure there’s no discrepancies listed on their reports.

“Really take a look at your credit report. If there’s anything on there that doesn’t belong, then file a report. Look at the inquiries and everything so you know have you been affected in this or not,” he said.

Ramsey said everyone should sign up for a credit monitoring and identity theft protection service.

“You gotta have that in this world and you can’t use Equifax’s because they are making you sign off that you won’t be part of a lawsuit so you can’t do that,” he said.

Hogan wants consumers to not just focus on identity theft protection monitoring, but to acquire protection with restoration services.

“So if there is a breach or someone does open up something in your name, they will restore it. They go through the process of the police report and everything,” he said.