Entrepreneurs tackle direct-to-consumer cookware made in America

Two young entrepreneurs have created a new direct-to-consumer company while investing in the United States.

Made In, creates cookware, made in America. The co-founders, Chip Malt and Jake Kalick, told FOX Business they were the “perfect team” to tackle direct-to-consumer cookware.

“This project is really a combination of both of our backgrounds,” Kalick told Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria on Thursday. “We grew up together from four years old on and my family has been in cookware for three generations. Chips background is in e-commerce.”

While the cost to make products is relatively cheaper to make overseas, Malt and Kalick valued working with American businesses.

“They act much more as a partner as opposed to kind of a supplier-vendor relationship. So we are down at the factory—we were actually down there all last week,” Malt said.

Made In is also able to work on their own specialized cookware, which is an added benefit of working with local partners, Kalick added.

“We have family business in our DNA so to be able to work with a family business in Tennessee—family business in Ohio for all of our nonstick—our metal is from Pennsylvania. So we really have a plugin with everyone we work with and we can get really immediate response to whatever we need,” he said.