Entrepreneur Says Fun Is the Key to Productivity

Small Business Spotlight: BlueGrace Logistics

Who: Bobby Harris

What: A shipping company that cuts costs for businesses using technology

When: 2009

Where: Tampa, Florida

How: “We’re compared to the Orbitz of freight shipping,” says BlueGrace Logistics CEO Bobby Harris. “You get online, plug in what you have and where it’s going and you get immediate options for shipping.”

Using BlueGrace Logistics, companies receive a discount on shipping, Harris says thanks to the company’s aggregate purchasing power and expertise in maximizing supply and capacity.

Biggest challenge: “Our biggest challenge was getting our name out there and letting people know exactly what we did,” says Harris.

One moment in time: “I think we have the greatest culture of any company,” says Harris. “Everyone is like family and it’s a really a fun place to work. We haven’t lost anyone on our leadership team.”

Best business advice: “A little bit of knowledge is dangerous,” says Harris. As CEO, he says he’s realized that he can’t get involved in everything, and he needs to allow experts to do their job and trust them.

Most influential book: “’Delivering Happiness,’ the Zappos book has made a big impact,” says Harris. “I want to make the office a happy for place for employees, not to mention myself, and I’ve adopted a lot of that thinking.”

Quote from the owner: “I think of my team as a great band like the Rolling Stones. We stick together!”

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