Engineers Find More A380 Wing Cracks: Report


Engineers inspecting Airbus A380 aircraft for further wings cracks have found similar flaws on at least one aircraft, industry sources said on Tuesday.

European safety authorities ordered urgent inspections on just under a third of the superjumbo fleet last week after two types of cracks were discovered on the same type of bracket inside the wings of the world's largest jetliner.

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Airlines have until Friday to complete a first phase of checks, after which Airbus or safety regulators are expected to give an update on any new findings.

Airbus, which insists the superjumbo is safe to fly, declined to comment on any interim results while airlines carry out checks under the timetable established by regulators.

But a spokesman said recent events showed the industry's process of continuous evaluation, designed to catch and repair any faults before they become a hazard, was working smoothly.