Elon Musk to offer free test rides through his first underground LA tunnel in a few months

Elon Musk offered a glimpse inside his first underground tunnel in Los Angeles which is ‘almost done’ late Thursday, with plans to offer free rides to the public ‘in a few months’ pending final regulatory approvals.

In an Instagram post, the billionaire shared video and wrote, “First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done! Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months.”

Musk also thanked everyone who supported him throughout the project including the public, elected officials and regulators. He added that once the project is completed that the demo rides will be completely free for the public and will “give priority to pods for pedestrians & cyclists for less than the cost of a bus ticket.”

The 2.7-mile long tunnel is the first of four projects to be close to completion. The project has been billed as his “proof-of-process” tunnel in the company’s large scale plans for reducing transportation and congestion major cities around the country. The Boring Company has also been working on projects along the East Coast and in Chicago.

In 2016, Musk first announced his plans to build tunnels after saying the traffic in Los Angeles was "driving him nuts.”

The new tunnel is expected to be 30 to 70 feet below ground and will not have any stations along the way, which will help avoid major utility lines and other underground hazards that can slow or complicate construction, the company said.