Elon Musk's Tesla among car-inspired baby names in 2018

Tesla was among the car-inspired baby names in 2018. (iStock)

Tesla isn’t just the name of an electric car brand.

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It seems like 109 parents loved the name “Tesla” so much in 2018 that they decided to give their child that name, according to data released by the Social Security Administration on Friday. The number of babies named Tesla, however, decreased from 143 in 2017.

Although most people know Tesla as Elon Musk’s car brand, the name is of “Slavic, Serbian, Croatian origin” that means “from Thessaly,” Nameberry reported. Tesla is mainly used as a girl’s name.

Tesla isn’t the only car-inspired name gaining popularity. More parents are naming their child Ford in 2018, increasing in popularity by 74 spots from 709 in 2017. Ford, a boy’s name, means “dweller at the ford” and often makes it on the list of  "artistic” baby names and described as a “strong, independent and single-syllabus" word, Nameberry says.

Another 3,393 babies were given the name Bentley, while 236 babies are now being called Mercedes, according to Mashable.


Car-inspired names that were less popular but still used were Lexus, Audi and Dodge.

For those who weren’t opting for a car brand name, Liam and Emma were the most popular baby names in 2018.

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