Elevator Pitch: Yarly's Idea for Photo Scanning

Yarly founder Allison Strouse will be making the case for her digital photo business on Risk & Reward Friday. Strouse will be pitching her idea to FOX Business host Deirdre Bolton, venture capital lawyer Ed Zimmerman from Lowenstein Sandler, investors David Aronoff from Flybridge Capital Partners and Hilary Gosher from Insight Partners.

Strouse, who recently graduated from Columbia Business School, founded Yarly with the intent of making it easier to digitize old photos. Yarly will find representatives to efficiently scan them for you.

“I came up with this idea when I went to create a photo montage for my sister's wedding. I couldn't find the proper digitization solution for the project,” said Strouse.

“We realized that the best experience for digitization is when it is done at a local and community level. Our memories are personal, digitizing our photos should be a personal experience as well,” Strouse added.

Yarly also helps users organize their existing digital photos in albums on its app and share items via DropBox, Google drive, OneDrive and Flickr.

The app also aims to make it easier for scrapbooking and creating slideshows. With privacy concerns in mind, Yarly lets users share photos to custom groups of friends.

“Our photos are our most precious possession. They are the No. 1 thing that we grab out of our burning home,” said Strouse.

Watch FOX Business Friday at 1 p.m. ET to find out whether the investors think Yarly’s startup vision has potential.