Eight Ways to Save on Family Fun

While sticking to a budget is important to most families, saving money doesn't need to mean foregoing fun. To the contrary, there is virtually no end to the inexpensive or free activities that parents and children can both enjoy.

Here are eight to get you started:

1. Visit the local library

The public library is a guaranteed gold mine when it comes to free educational activities. Besides books, you can borrow DVDs, and many libraries offer complimentary classes for kids and adults on a variety of subjects, including arts and crafts.

2. Grow your own produce

Gardening is a rewarding activity for the entire family that gets everyone out in the sunshine and results in fresh, healthy produce. There's no need for a lot of land to produce delicious fruits and vegetables for your family. If ground space is limited, plant in containers or raised beds. Get everyone involved by asking for requests on what to grow, then have the entire family plant and tend the garden.

3. Cook and bake

Teaching your kids their way around the kitchen gives them an essential life skill they'll thank you for later. Baking cookies on a rainy afternoon or having everyone pitch in to serve up a filling dinner builds family togetherness, and cooking from scratch can also save you money.

4. Enjoy a park

More than 365 federal parks exist, and there are also many local and state options from which to choose. So pack a picnic lunch, hop in the car and explore nature's bounty. Depending on where you live, nearby parks may feature lakes, streams, forests and rivers, which can be ideal places to stage a hike or fishing trip.

5. Bike ride

Bike riding is an activity that appeals to all age groups. Little ones can enjoy riding along with mom and dad, and adolescents and teens can appreciate the freedom that comes with maneuvering their own bike. Take short trips around your home, or for an afternoon outing, travel a bike trail and stop for a picnic along the way. Biking can also positively impact the entire family's health, which may add the benefit of saving on life and health insurance further down the road.

6. Volunteer

Teaching children the power of giving their time and resources can impart valuable life lessons and lead to them having charitable hearts and minds as adults. A variety of volunteer opportunities exist -- from helping clean up a public park to visiting the elderly at nursing homes -- so explore the ways you and your children can make your community a better place.

7. Take advantage of cultural events

Many free and inexpensive events are likely occurring in your community, so it pays to ask around. Call your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of upcoming events or check for listings at your local library. Fun family-friendly events can include everything from concerts in the park to pie-eating contests.

8. Hold a block party

Enjoying the company of neighbors and a tasty potluck menu saves money and encourages neighborhood camaraderie. It also gives you and the kids a chance to spend time with friends and build new relationships.

Fun family activities don't have to cost a bundle. The point, after all, is to spend time with the people you love, and there's no reason you need money to do that.

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