Eight Marketing Tips for 2010

Here are marketing tips for your business from Rohit Bhargava, senior vice president of digital strategy at Ogilvy Public Relations and author of  “Personality Not Included”.

Personal branding opens doors. Tell your ownable story - authentically and genuinely. This positions you and gives you a platform. If the words sound unnatural to you or you come across as a faceless company person, scrap the message and start all over again.

Everyone has a passion. Share yours online.

Humanity always wins. People will always associate with people who are doing things they like.

Mood tracking creates opportunities. Dig deeper to find out what people really think about your brand. This will maximize the benefit you derive from your word of mouth marketing and enable you to enhance your brand.

Measurement needs reinvention. Pick your audience—the right audience. It’s better to reach the right 1,000 individuals than to reach the wrong one million.

Accidental spokespeople own your brand. You can’t choose who loves you, and you shouldn’t try. Try to bring these spokespeople together and get them talking to each other online. This will only amplify the positivity of your brand.

Media is circular. You are both a consumer and creator.

The tools are not important. Whether you use Twitter, FaceBook, create a blog or a Web site, it’s your engagement in the medium that matters. Pay attention to what you communicate and, as a smart listener, to what’s being communicated. The real time stream of this medium provides you with ambient awareness.