DuPont Expands Farming Program With Weather, Market Data

By CommoditiesFOXBusiness

DuPont’s (NYSE:DD) agricultural seed unit announced on Tuesday that it signed a deal to have DTN/The Progressive Farmer provide weather and market data for its high-tech farming program.

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Along with rival Monsanto (NYSE:MON), DuPont Pioneer is making a push into what is known as precision farming, which utilizes GPS and computer technology to help farmers maximize crop production.

DuPont Pioneer unveiled a partnership with farm equipment maker Deere & Co. (NYSE:DE) in November. The John Deere parent said it will enable its machinery to collect soil and crop information and wirelessly transmit that information to Deere servers. DuPont Pioneer analysts will examine that data and send reports to customers of the precision farming program, called Field360.

The agreement with Omaha, Neb.-based DTN, a provider of weather and commodity market information to farmers, traders and other subscribers, will expand the amount of data available to Field360 users.

Real-time weather data will come from an exclusive network of stations, some of which will be located on nearby farms. The companies said they expect to further advance electronic grain trading capabilities, which links buyers with sellers for instantaneous commercial exchanges.

“This expanded services offering, made possible through our collaboration with DTN/The Progressive Farmer, gives growers the tools they need at the time they need them to make their farming operation more profitable. It’s real-life intelligence in real time,” said Steve Reno, vice president and U.S. regional business director at DuPont Pioneer.

DuPont shares rallied 3.1% to $61.85 late Tuesday morning.