Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson Says Run America Like a Business

It might be hunting season, but during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson discussed why outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson have caught his eye in the 2016 race for the White House.

“There [are] a lot of things that Trump says that I really like. I don’t agree with everything he says but there is a lot of things that he says that makes sense and I like the charisma, I like the energy, as he would say and I’ve met Ben Carson as well. He is a super nice guy… I certainly share his faith… He’s taken the faith… Trump does the same thing you know he’s so in your face which I kind of thought [Chris] Christie was going [to]… So it’s the outsiders that came in that took over these issues.”

When it comes to Trump, Robertson says one of the issues that caught his attention were his comments on ISIS.

“One of the things that he actually says, you know, people are over there getting their heads chopped off who are Christians -- and that has bugged me… I didn’t hear a lot of talk about that… I hurt for these people all over the world who are getting persecuted,” he said.

With faith entering the race as a debated topic, Robertson, who claims to be a Christian, said the election is not all about religion.

“I like the idea of running it [United States] as a business... If you look at the deficit it seems like we haven’t done a great job of that.”

He also shared his thoughts on Washington State threatening to fire a high school football coach over mid-game and post-game prayers.

“What is this country coming to where like the coach out in Washington can’t say a prayer… I’m kind of with the Founding Fathers of the country who were strong believers that you know this whole country was founded on our Christian faith and so they didn’t shy away from it, I won’t shy away from it and if you get fired, you get fired. Some things are worth losing your job over,” he said.

Robertson also discussed business.

“A lot of people come down and visit. They want to come to the warehouse and take a picture and then they will go in and spend money… 2013 for us was the high mark so now we’ve seen where it’s leveled off and still there is a lot of people spending. In fact, even when the economy is down we’ve noticed that hunting stuff, it doesn’t miss a lick,” he said.