Drones to take to the skies over the 2017 U.S. Open golf course

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How drones could be the next big thing to save lives

Kaze Aerial President John Duesler on how drones could save lives and the Federal Aviation Administration regulations on drones.

Golf fans watching the 2017 U.S. Open championship from the comfort of their home will enjoy a bird’s-eye view as Kaze Aerial drones soar over Wisconsin’s Erin Hills golf course, the site of the tournament.

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In an interview with FOX Business’ Liz Claman, Kaze Aerial President Dr. John Duesler said the magnitude of the golf course and the wind factor created challenges during their five-day shoot.

“With our great team we were able to cover all 18 holes, all 18 greens and many of the beauty shots that you will see on the broadcast on FOX,” he said.

The licensed pilot aerial video team were able to capture stunning shots from the sky, including the contour and slopes that make for a challenge for the players competing at the Erin Hills golf course.

“With our drone shots, we were literally orbiting the greens and we’re able to see they’re elevated and there are slopes off the greens. So if you are not precise with your shot, the ball is going to roll away and as we know it can create a lot of hassle for the players,” Duesler said.

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Kaze Aerial is a FAA-approved and fully-insured award-winning team that has worked with the National Football League, DuPont, CBS Sports and movie producers. The FAA estimates there are 2.5 million drones in the air and 7 million plus drones expected to take flight by 2020.

“They seem to be everywhere,” Duesler said, “But just to give you some perspective, the autos, there’s 253 million autos, trucks and cars, on the road today so we are basically one percent of that right now with our drones.”

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