Dr. Ben Carson: Cut Off ISIS and Get Them on the Run

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson discussed his plan to defeat ISIS as the Commander in Chief.

“They [ISIS] have given themselves legitimacy and now they can go on to the next phase. What I would do is concentrate on taking that legitimacy away from them. Take away their caliphate… Their sources of income. Shut off all of their monetary channels so that they don’t have the ability to pay people. We need to attack their command and control centers… Cut off the passageways between them. Isolate them -- put them on the run, keep them running all the time.”

Dr. Carson also explained how to stop ISIS on U.S. soil.

“We need to be monitoring the Internet. We need to engage in cyber warfare against them. We need to be talking to the Imams and the clerics about helping to identify who the radicals are. Get the moderate Muslims involved in that. Help them to recognize that if they are able to identify these people, then they [can] become one of our allies rather than somebody about whom we are very suspicious.”

He also said we need to get the private sector involved when it comes to cyberwarfare.

“We, I think need to be working with some of our private sector who are extremely good with encryption and with deciphering encrypted things. Sort of a public partnership recognizing that we are all in the same boat.”