Donald Trump: I Would Be the Jobs President

Donald Trump, who is expected to announce his intentions for 2016 later this month, said if he were president, he would work to recreate a prospering America.

“I would be the jobs president, and I also think I’d be the best security president,” Trump told FBN’s Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. “Nothing’s easy, but I know how to make this country great again. I know how to make our country rich again, which we have to do in order to make it great.”

Trump added that his negotiating skills and experience dealing with foreign countries, specifically China, would also come in handy, if he were to pursue a bid for the White House in 2016.

“I know how to negotiate, I wrote the book on negotiating,” he said. “I made a fortune dealing with China… there’s a way you can deal with China and make a lot of money.”

When asked by Cavuto if he is ready for people to pry through his personal and financial records should he announce his candidacy, Trump responded with little concern.

“I’ve had great success … my statements are phenomenal … I get my financial statements very early, actually. I put tremendous amounts of people to work, I’ve negotiated against the best in the world, including countries, and I’ve come out on top. That’s really what this country needs.”