Donald Rumsfeld Channels Churchill with New Solitaire App

Two-time Secretary of Defense, former White House Chief of Staff and former pharmaceutical industry CEO Donald Rumsfeld has a new gig as… a video game developer.

He has created a new app called ‘Churchill Solitaire.’ Winston Churchill taught the game to a Belgian diplomat during World War II who passed it on to Rumsfeld.

“As far as I know, very few people are even aware the game exists, and I found it a fascinating game. I’ve taught it to a few people, and a friend one day said, why don’t we turn it into an app… and here I am, a technology wizard supposedly,” he laughed during an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

Rumsfeld said profits are being sent to The Winston Churchill Foundation and military charities in support of the troops.

Additionally, Rumsfeld talked about Syrian refugees entering Europe.

“These people [the Syrian’s] don’t want to come there. They’d much prefer to stay… in their own homes --but so many of them are frightened and fleeing from danger and warfare and difficulties,” he said.

He also commented on a German newspaper reporting on 50 ISIS operatives living in Berlin.

“The reality is, that’s what they know are there.”