Does Your Business Need a Tune Up?

It’s easy for car owners to realize when it’s time to take their vehicle into the shop for a tune up. Whether it’s a 2011 BMW or a 1995 Dodge, the engine has to be checked out and cleaned regularly, the oil changed frequently along with other maintenance duties in order for cars to function at peak performance.

But when was the last time you gave your business a tune up?

If you want your business to operate at maximum efficiency, which includes attracting new clients, getting former clients to return and generating word-of-mouth marketing that generates revenue as well as buzz, you must perform regular maintenance checkups to the business to make sure your time and money are being spent in the most effective ways possible.

1. What is your reputation? Small business owners need to know what people are saying about them and their business.

Check in with former clients and gain a better understanding of:

  • whether you delivered on what you promised;
  • how the work you did for them impacted their business or their lives;
  • what needs they currently have and how you can help.

This should provide you with some good information (possibly some great quotes to use in the future) as well as demonstrate your concern and follow through with your clients.

Following up with past clients leads to new business—either through repeat business or a new referral. Additionally, continued input on how you are performing is always a prerequisite to continued success.

2. Is the message you are sending still resonating with your target audience? Reanalyzing the needs and wants of your target audience makes sure you are still implementing effective marketing. Even if it’s a slight shift within your demographic, you need to adapt your sales pitch, presentations, power points, blog posts and tweets to maximize exposure. Look at your website with new eyes and ask others to review it and offer tips and suggestions for improvement. A website has to be dynamic and stay current, as does the messaging you put out through social networks or through any formal presentations you make.

3. Are you using the right tools to get your message out? Are you in the right places? Marketing and social media in general can be very time consuming, but if done properly, it can provide a lot of visibility for you and your company. Targeting the right audience and focusing your message on that specific group makes it easier to identify where you should be spending your time selling. The world is a big place, but a laser focus enables you to figure out who to target and when you should be pitching your product or service. Owners need to review their marketing strategy, identify which are the most successful and refocus their energy. Change can be good and is often a necessary part of growing a business.

So even if the service light doesn’t come on and you think you are firing on all cylinders, get that tune up so that you are working more efficiently with better focus and better results.

Mary Rosenbaum is a Master Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Career Coach with over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and career professional and 10 years in business and finance. Mary is a dynamic and passionate coach whose talent is empowering entrepreneurs and careerists to perform at their peak by gaining clarity and more effectively communicating and leveraging their value proposition. For more insight into her work visit her website here.