Does Anyone Really Read Your Work E-mails?

This week on Twitter, we elect a President, we welcome the holidays and we deal with the aftermath of Sandy.

@ChrisGrace - Pretty sure this whole election was just viral marketing for Nate Silver's book.

@JohnFugelsang - A bit embarrassing that on a day the new James Bond film opens America's top spy Petraeus has to resign for having sex.

@GarryShandling - If you're head of the CIA and can't hide an extramarital affair it means it can't be done. Case closed, fellas.

@unmarketing - Today is a good day to be on Sesame Street.

@sanderssays - As your confidence in your team increases, delegate some authority, defer some tasks, & then let go.

@justinlevy - Pro Tip: If you know someone is busy, sending them email after email for the same thing doesn’t help. Pick up the phone - it’s quicker.

‏@amirkhella - Entrepreneurs: The only people who work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hour weeks

‏@DroidSecretTips - #Android tip: You can enter your own keyboard shortcuts by going to Settings->Applications->Quick Launch

‏@AmberCadabra - Today it got dark before 5pm and I saw the first Christmas-related commercial. NOT YET DAMMIT! I’m not ready.

@derekhalpern - Watching people with power AND gas in their car wait in a gas line for hours because of a "shortage" is a lesson in the psychology of fear.

@nanina7777 is now independent in gas and hemispherically independent in oil which has large geopolitical implications for #Europe and #China.'@shashib - Companies could find themselves fighting misconceptions in social media instead of marketing their products #sncr

@gapingvoid -  I always found success way more corrupting than any decent, hard working person would think.

@FactJournal  - Facebook trademarked the words “face”, “book”, “wall”, “poke” and “like.”

@smoothsale - Collaboration in a workshop launches your business more quickly than going it alone.

@MarthaStewart - Dont use too much coriander in your meatballs.

@prbecca - We understand the importance of creativity. Just because something is text based doesn't mean it can't be engaging!

@MrStevenGeorge  It's never obvious that the Powerful Oak Tree everyone sees was just a Little Acorn with potential that few could recognize.  

@ValaAfshar - If the customer experience is poor, you're efficiently pushing your customer to your competition.

@DanVForbes  - Ever send an email and realize by the reply you get, that the recipient never read it. Seems to happen more and more.

@alanlepo  - I love it when a #socbiz vendor actually deals with me by using their own product. You'd be surprised how many don't!