Do you get an insurance discount for a gated community?

Question: Can you get a car insurance discount if you show the insurer that you park your car inside your garage in a gated community and you have secured parking at work?

Answer:  If you live in a more urban area, car insurance discounts for gated or garage parking are possible. But in most places, you pay insurance rates based on claims in your ZIP code, regardless of whether you park in a garage or not.

Typically, a discount for having your car parked within a gated community is offered in urban areas such as New York City.  When an auto insurance company does offer the discount, usually it's up to 5 percent off your comprehensive coverage, the part of your policy that covers theft and vandalism.

Having a secured parking lot at work isn't normally something that insurers ask about, but you still can ask your insurance provider about any related discounts, especially if you live in the city.  With the auto insurers that do offer such a discount, proof, by means of documentation such as your parking agreement, is typically required.

Even if you don't live in a metropolitan area, it doesn't mean that your insurance company won't offer such discounts; it's always worth asking if what discount are available, no matter where you live - urban, suburban or rural.

If your insurance company doesn't offer specific discounts for living in a gated area, or having secured parking, it doesn't mean that where you live isn't helping to lower your rates. (See "Does a garage cut your car insurance?")

By simply living in a safe area -- one with low crime and theft rates -- you may be getting a cheaper car insurance premium.  As part of their rating factors, your auto insurance company will look at the ZIP code you submitted (if state laws allow, and most do) and determine things like crime patters in your neighborhood.

If the risks of your vehicle being vandalized or stolen are low, due to where you live, then your rates should reflect this even without a discount being applied. If the opposite is true, then your rates could go up due to your neighborhood.  (See "How your ZIP code drives up your car insurance")

When applying for a new car insurance policy or renewing with your current auto insurer, it's always a good idea to ask if what all discounts they offer and make sure you are getting all that you are eligible for to bring down your car insurance rates.

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