Do You Clean Your Desk at Work? Maybe You Should

Small business, and the rest of the country is suffering from the flu ... and tweeting about it. Here's my latest list of tweets of the week.


My doctor told me that this flu epidemic is a lot like the Kardashians: It's not going away anytime soon.


The President of the United States just told the American People why we can't have a Death Star. For real. I love that guy.


I asked my bank to raise my #debtceiling....didn't go so well... #reality


#Boehner refuses to negotiate with #Obama on #DebtCeiling. Obama refuses to negotiate with anyone. This will get interesting. #ChinaDigsGold


It's a shame when #socbiz evangalists talk about info overload due to email, but then expect employees to read all the posts in streams.


To break the rules you must first master them. Unless, of course, you change them.


Nobody wants to spend their dollar in an establishment that doesn’t care if they return and no one wants to be taken for granted. #custserv


Learned something new watching a story on the #flu. The average desk at work is 400x dirtier than a toilet seat. Good times


Don't forget the power of your email signature file to advertise your blog, podcasts, etc. - be sure to include links .


How can Jack Lew's signature still not have it's own Twitter account? #lew #signature


The trillion dollar coin is a great idea, however they may want to rethink giving the job of pressing it to the Franklin Mint. #Treasury


Someone help get my rabbit ears to work before Downton Abbey at 8pm?! #panicmode


I really like the design of my hand. It fits my iPhone nicely!


Sometimes your pitch has to evolve. Let it.


Wise observation from my grandmother, "Anybody who doesn't love Honey Boo Boo is crazy."


Look at your marketing with the eyes of a child. Visually your message should be communicated clearly & immediately. #smallbiz #marketing


When making oatmeal at 5AM on three hours sleep do not inadvertently grab the bag of quinoa. #lifehack


Tip: If you need help, advice, intros or a response from your contacts and it's not pressing, wait until after the 1st work week of the year


People are capable of doing anything. Except for THAT ONE THING that they should be doing.


Every year journalists try to find a narrative for CES. And every year they fail.


What I've found is that when you worry about making each blog post PERFECT, you can actually make them WORSE! Just publish!#blogchat


To those who are laughing at Lenovo for introducing a tabletop PC, note that they managed to become the No. 1 PC OEM in 2012.


I like following current events. It keeps me from having to do anything.


Leaders are less practical than you think. They chase dreams, reject conformity, and take risks.


If the best things in life are Free, what does that make Twitter?


A question I'm gearing more frequently: How involved should IT be in choosing marketing software?




Apple makes its phones cheaper and it overtakes all news out of CES.


Any contact that a customer has in any way, or with any member, of a company is an opportunity to create an impression.


You know what's cooler than reaching 1 billion prospects using Facebook ads? Reaching the perfect 1,000. Or 100. Or 10.


One time my dad caught me smoking an e-cig so he took me out to the shed and made me smoke an entire VCR.


There is only one clear choice for who should be on the trillion dollar coin: Mr. David Hasselhoff. #mintthecoin


Big pimpin', spending cheese....but to be fiscally responsible, we pay our debts posthaste, in any currency. #mintthecoin#respectablehiphop


One coin to rule them all #mintthecoin


You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of platinum. Don't#mintthecoin. - _blank

Gene Marks owns the Marks Group PC, a ten person sales and marketing technology consulting firm outside of Philadelphia that serves more than 600 small and medium companies around the country.