DJ Khaled helps high school students succeed with Get Schooled partnership


DJ Khaled tells kids to keep climbing

Music mogul DJ Khaled talks with FBN’s Nicole Petallides at New York Stock Exchange about the keys to success and how having his son changed everything.

Hip-Hop producer DJ Khaled on Friday discussed why he partnered with the non-profit organization Get Schooled, which aims to increase high school graduation rates and help students succeed in college.

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“It’s about the young world and I believe in giving back…At the same time, how the Get Schooled thing happened was in Miami. I am always giving to the schools, buying instruments and principle for the day and touching the community, and Get Schooled [saw] all that great energy and they’re like let’s do this on an national level,” he told FOX Business’ Nicole Petallides.

In addition, Khaled reflected on some of his future goals, “My goal is to just be blessed forever and embrace my blessings and give everything to my son and make my son proud and make him the biggest mogul and the biggest of everything he wants to do.”

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