Despite Sequester, Feds Offer High-Paid Internships

The gall of this administration reaches no bounds. Today, they admitted to releasing more than 2,200 illegal immigrants from jail because of what the head of ICE said was "solely budgetary reasons." Immigration and Customs Enforcement falls under Homeland Security, the same department that has posted more than 100 job openings since the March 1st sequester.

So, this administration that claims their hands are tied from this sequester, which they say they had no part in, pays 139 people at least $100,000 each. The federal government also posted more than 2,600 job openings over the last two weeks and now they're looking for interns as well.

According to a Fox News search of the USA Jobs website, Uncle Sam has 84 open internships. Let me tell you, these aren't your usual unpaid internships where you work strange hours getting coffee.

The Department of Agriculture has one internship opening for a student trainee at the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service that pays more than $24 an hour!

One NASA internship pays more than $83,000! That's two-thirds higher than the median household income in this country!

Okay, well it is NASA… maybe they're offering the salary so they can get the best of the best, right?

Applicants only have to have a 2.9 grade point average- a B letter grade- and only have to be enrolled in college on a half-time basis.

NASA is not alone. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has an internship opening offering a salary of almost $63,000.

So, with all these expensive internships and calligraphers, why are those in the White House closing off the White House to tours? Well, apparently they're not!

As usual, Obama and company are blaming everybody else. They're claiming it was the Secret Service who decided to cancel the tours. As we know, the Secret Service has such a great history of good-decision making.

Boy did that plan backfire on this administration. Instead of being an example of how draconian the sequester is, the White House tour scandal became an opportunity to point out all the other ways the White House is wasting money... like hiring 84 very expensive interns.