Design Duo Provides Branding Services from the Ground Up

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Small Business Spotlight: Modman Enterprises

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Who: Andrew Modlin and Adam Bierman

What: A branding, marketing and construction firm

When: 2009

How: Partners Andrew Modlin and Adam Bierman started out as a design firm, but quickly decided their vision needed to move beyond just labels and products.

“We transitioned to become a company that facilitates the whole brand – when there’s disconnect between the company’s location and the product, it makes marketing a lot more difficult,” says Modlin.

Clients include Kreation Juices and Go Greek Yogurt, both based in Los Angeles.

Biggest challenge: Bierman says there was a steep learning curve as they began to focus on building design.

One moment in time: “I’m proudest of our newest store for Go Greek Yogurt … It’s exceptionally different,” says Modlin.

“I’m proudest of the fact that we were able to be malleable enough to be pushed into a new niche,” says Bierman.

Best business advice: “Be humble,” says Bierman. “The ability to be humble and willing to learn, even when you think you’re an expert [is important]. If we weren’t humbled or willing to grow, we wouldn’t have picked up the architectural or engineering pieces of the business.”

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