Deepak Chopra captivated Amazon Alexa: The rest is history

When Deepak Chopra began sharing his insights 40 years ago, he never thought it would lead to a partnership with e-commerce goliath Amazon. But that's exactly what happened thanks to the attentiveness of Alexa, which was listening to Chopra's daily meditations.

“I start my day with a few reflections and intentions,” Chopra said to FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday. “The joyful energetic body, love and compassion in the heart, clarity of mind, likeness of being. Then I [expanded] on that and somehow Alexa picked it up.”

A celebrated pioneer of alternative medicine and personal transformation, each morning Chopra shares his new reflections for the day for focus and clarity.

“If you ask yourself, what do I want from me today or from the world or for my kids… you will already have a response,” he said. “That brings clarity to your intention and if you start letting go and settle in your being then that intention organizes its own fulfillment through synchronicity — that’s a well-known spiritual tradition.”

Although technology has its share of downfalls, in Chopra’s opinion, it can be used to maintain a peaceful and healthy world.

“I think that technology is going to be the next phase of our revolution for higher consciousness,” he said.