Davos elites could use a dose of Trump: Varney

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Trump needs to make his case to ‘elitists’ at Davos: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney explains why Donald Trump’s attending of the Davos economic conference in Switzerland could be the best place for the president to show that growth is the way to prosperity for all.

To the international elites, the announcement was a bombshell: President Trump will go to Davos.

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I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the salons of the rich and powerful when the news came through.

You see, Davos is an annual conference in the Swiss Alps, where billionaires talk to millionaires about globalization, climate change and, of all things, income inequality. Trump is a nuke, waiting to explode as the Grande Crus Bordeaux is poured. They hate him. They are contemptuous of him. And he's going to talk to 'em, directly!

Good, they need a talking to. For years, the Davos crowd has promoted all the policies that gave us low growth, big government, open borders and social division. They love Angela Merkel, who changed Europe forever without asking anyone. They pine for Barack Obama, who was, after all, the president of the world. And when Bill Clinton attended, well, he walked on water!

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Well, America has a new president, and he's very different from anything the elites have seen before. I hope he doesn't retreat. Even Donald Trump could be tempted to make nice. To show them he's not the crazy president they think he is.

I hope he presents a forceful case for an "America first" foreign policy. I hope he makes the case that America is an exceptional country, like no other, and we're not going to follow anyone down the socialist road. And I hope he shows that growth is the way to prosperity for all.

Davos is exactly the right place to make that case.

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