Dating App Usage Spikes During Storm Jonas


While snow storm Jonas kept many people inside this weekend, it certainly didn't stop them from looking for love. In data provided to from the wildly popular dating app Tinder (NASDAQ:MTCH), OKCupid and Coffee Meets Bagel, activity spiked during the blizzard.

"We definitely saw an increase in Tinder use and matches this past weekend. More than 10 million matches were made during Jonas (in the areas affected by the storm) and at some points, the chances of making a match were up to 3.3x higher than usual" said a spokesman from Tinder.

Users in D.C. on Coffee Meets Bagel were much more active than NYC users on both Friday January 22 and Saturday January 23. Activity in D.C. on Friday was up 27% week over week, and up 29% on Saturday week over week. New York City daters' activity spiked to 26% more sessions week over week on Saturday, while Friday only saw a 13% increase week over week.

OkCupid said that their data was consistent with past storms and that Jonas brought a 35% increase in messaging.