Darryl Strawberry Says Swag is Clutch When Down 2 to Zip

The Royals may lead the World Series, but former New York Met and World Series champ Darryl Strawberry says the Amazins’ have what it takes but are lacking in one major area.

“I think the team needs to realize that they can win regardless of being down 0-2… It’s baseball and anything can happen and you come back home and you’re playing in front of… the greatest fans ever… New York fans, there’s nothing like it,” he said during an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

Despite being down 0-2 to the Boston Red Sox in 1986, The Mets came back to win the championship in seven games.

“We were a very confident team with a swagger… No one comes into Shea Stadium and just thinks you’re going to run over us. We just didn’t play that way,” he said.

Strawberry said catcher Gary Carter’s solo-bombs over the Green Monster in game 4 jolted confidence.

“It’s got to be other players [who are] able to step in and be productive. You can’t always have the star players doing it,” he said.